Exotic Indonesian cuisine

Exotic Indonesian cuisine

Indonesia is a heaven of those exotic vegetables and fruits which most of people never heard of. Last December, Asia Foods took a business trip to Indonesia and then we encountered such a mysterious Indonesian cuisine contains mysterious exotic plants inside. Let’s discover what kind of vegetables and fruits is popular in Indonesia.

1 . Ke dong dong

Have you ever heard of “Ke dong dong”? It sounds very exotic and mysterious. This is a one of tropical fruits looks something like green mango. In Indonesia, people make Kedongdong juice during its season. It has sour and unique flavor make you feel like “Yes, I am in the tropic country now!”

2 . Kluwek ( Kluwak )

Black Nasi Goreng

In East Java, there is a famous cuisine called “Rawon.” As you can see, Rawon has a dark black soup with fresh bean sprouts and beef on top. You can taste spicy pepper flavor once you sip some.

Kluwek is a large poisonous fruits, however, through fermentation process it become edible. Local people use Kluwek to make black Nasi Goreng or Java island famous food called Rawon.

3. Banana Heart

Beautiful banana flower.

In South East Asian counties such as Indonesia, flowers of banana often appears on the table. It’s crunchy thick petals reminds us of bamboo shoot.

Banana heart is good for making salad, stirred veggies and also soup. When we visit a restaurant in Jakarta, we had this wonderful salad and loved it.

When you visit somewhere you have never been to, you will find many exciting plants and vegetable. Most of them, you can only enjoy in that area. Please try those mysterious things for your new adventure!